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Soloist & Choral

  • Arcadia Players, Ian Watson

  • Bach Society of Worcester, Stephen Long

  • Boston Secession, Jane Ring Frank     

  • Con Vivium, John Delorey, Patricia Snyder

  • Concord Orchestra, Richard Pittman

  • Diamonds from the Dust, Mark Mummert

  • Gasparian Chorale, Michael Olbash

  • Gregorian Concert Choir, Anthony Mancini

  • Hampshire Chorale Society, Allan Taylor

  • Handel & Haydn Society, Harry Christophers

  • Labyrinth Choir, Anita Kupriss

  • Massachusetts Symphony, Myron Romanul

  • Salisbury Singers, Michelle Gravelin

  • St. Paul’s Festival Orchestra, Ian Watson

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir, Ian Watson

  • Philovox Ensemble, Robert Schuneman

  • Thayer Symphony , Francis Wada

  • Worcester Chorus, Gerald Mack

  • Worcester Collegium, Ian Watson

Monica performs regularly as a soloist and choral singer. She is highly sought after for her versatility and  is in demand with numerous choruses and orchestras  throughout New England.

Photo courtesy of  The Handel & Haydn Society

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