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Wedding Music Demo

Listen to the sound clips below. Songs are listed according to their most common or appropriate placement in the service. Some exceptions can be made.  Generally only one piece is selected per category.

Click here for the Catholic Wedding Liturgy Planner with a full Mass

Click here for the Catholic Wedding Liturgy Planner for service only, no Mass

Programming Suggestions

1. Seating of Mothers/Family (choose 1)

Ave Maria – Norbet

Ave Maria - Schubert 

Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod

You Raise Me Up

All I Ask of You

The Prayer

One Hand One Heart

Time To Say Goodbye

2. Processionals - instrumental 

(one or two selections may be made) 

Trumpet Voluntary - Clarke

Trumpet Tune - Purcell

Rigaudon - Campra

Canon in D - Pachelbel

Air on the G String - Bach

Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod

Air from “Water Music" – Handel

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring - Bach

Largo from Concerto in F minor - Bach

3. Responsorial Psalms (choose 1)

Psalm 33: The Earth Is Full of Beauty - Cotter

Psalm 33: The Earth Is Full of the Goodness of the Lord - Gelineau

Psalm 34: Taste And See The Goodness of the Lord – Haugen

Psalm 103: The Lord Is Kind and  Merciful - Cotter

Psalm 103: He Crowns With Love And Tenderness - Conley

Psalm 127: May The Lord Bless and Protect Us - Gelineau

Psalm 127: May The Lord Bless Us - Chepponis

Psalm 128: Blessed Are Those Who Love You - Haugen

Psalm 138: Your Love Is Everlasting - Haugen

4. Preparation/Offertory

Bridal Prayer - Copeland

Bist du bei mir - Bach

The Call - Vaughan Williams

When Love Is Found

Wherever You Go - Haas

Whither Thou Goest - Peeters 

Where There Is Love

The Servant Song - Gillard

Love Endures - Moore

5. Communion(choose 1)

Panis Angelicus - Franck

Laudate Dominum - Mozart

Domine Deus - Vivaldi

Now In This Banquet - Haugen

The Call - Vaughan Williams

Ave Verum - Mozart

Every Morning In Your Eyes - Cooney

Any of the Psalms listed

Any of the songs listed under Preparation

6. Meditation (optional)

Irish Blessing – Moore

Gaelic Blessing – Rutter

Ave Maria (any setting)

7. Recessionals - instrumental (choose 1)

Rondeau - Mouret

Hornpipe - Handel

Allegro Vivace - Mendelssohn

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